Wehrheim Winter Impressions 2003

Feb 2 2003

I made a 90 minute walk in order to take some pictures of snowy Wehrheim.

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My wife Anne in our living room. This was my "test shot".

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The front half of the house is ours. View to the main entrance (behind the tree).

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The first shot out of town.

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Wehrheim is dubbed "Apfeldorf" ("appel village"). Here you can imagine, why!

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The clouds made an interesting lightning. You can spot both church towers on the picture. The larger belongs to the Protestant, the smaller to the Catholic church.

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This is really a nice place, isn't it?

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I assume this is also an apple tree but I'm not sure.

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We live in a rural area (with some industry in the background).

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Finally, I returned to town.

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This is a gift shop, named "Wehrheimer Landhaus".

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Some houses still burn wood.

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The Protestant church, also a place for concerts.

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Wehrheim's "Rotes Rathaus", the town hall.

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Some more impressions from downtown.

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Details from our museum.

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You can even find a room.

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The funniest phone booth I know.