Marcus von Cube Systemsoftware Utilities for handling tape and floppy images of vintage Casio pocket calculators. 1MB

Client/server application for HP-NonStop systems; converts a DDL dictionary to HTML.

385 KB

DOS program for HP200LX: exports PHONE.PDB to vCard format.
The resulting file can be imported into EPOC Contacts

76 KB

Bob Hepple's Dcalc RPN calculator 3.00 for EPOC (multi language install)

181 KB

Bob Hepple's Dcalc RPN calculator 3.00 for EPOC (my patched version of the source)

191 KB

EPOC macro for sending text from any application to an IrOBEX capable device like a Palm(r) (including source)

2 KB

EPOC application "Psion Commander 1.0" by Wolfgang Golder and his team

640 KB

OPL programm for EPOC: switches between different spell checker language files (including source)

6 KB

EPOC spell checker files UK-English (including Thesaurus)

417 KB

EPOC spell checker files US-English (excluding Thesaurus, use

172 KB

EPOC spell checker files French (including Thesaurus)

700 KB

EPOC spell checker files German (including Thesaurus)

1086 KB

EPOC OPL program to swap silk screen applications (German)
This program is copyrighted by c't

9 KB

REXX script to generate index.html from a directory of picture files

1086 KB

EPOCEMX base installation.

227 KB

INFOZIP's ZIP compiled for EPOCEMX.

51 KB


80 KB

GNU Utilities for EPOCEMX.

1 MB

EPOCEMX development tools.

329 KB

GNU C/C++ compiler GCC and Binutils for EPOCEMX.

3 MB

SMTP Authenticating Proxy 0.81 SmtpAuth for EPOC as a SIS file.

76 KB

EpocUtil Java utility library 0.60 as a SIS file. The filesize is increased significantly because the file includes some localization Java classes, missing from EPOC. EpocUtil is required for SmtpAuth.

170 KB

SmtpAuth 0.81 generic Java version: jars, configuration and startup files. The above SIS files are not needed!

57 KB

SmtpAuth and EpocUtil sources. For reference only, don't ask questions!

62 KB

Start SmtpAuth from OPL on a Psion, e. g. as a Macro. Checks for enough RAM first. Can be used as a template to start any Java application.

3 KB

Little Java application the encodes (obfuscates) URLs into HEX codes.

8 KB

My updates to the c't AVR microcontroller project (c't 14/2004).

2 KB

All EPOC spell checker files are © Symbian.

All other files on this page can be freely used. EPOCEMX is coverd by the GPL.