Customer Projects

Marcus von Cube Systemsoftware

Projects since 1991

The projects mentioned here were accomplished by me or I've been responsible for major parts of them.

tegut..., Fulda

Food retailer in Hessen und Thuringia with about 300 outlets.

Planning and implementation of a data network between the central HP NonStop host and the PCs in the stores. The system has been running since 1991 and is still being adapted and improved.

Design and implementation of a IBM MQSeries based data transport system for the integration of Dispos II on HP NonStop and SAP R/3 Retail.

Plattforms: PC, HP NonStop, COBOL85, C, SQL, MQSeries. 

PharmLog, Bönen

Logistics center of some of the major German pharma enterprises.

Planning and implementation of the communications network between PharmLog und the clients' host systems, based on a TCP/IP ISDN network with encryption, compression and wireless backup paths. In 2004 and 2005 the central software was adapted to the WebMethods Integration Server and the clients were migrated from OS/2 to Windows 2003.

Plattforms: SAP R/2, R/3, Windows, OS/2, Unix, WebMethods Integration Server, CPI-C, LU6.2, RMI, TCP/IP, DB2, PGP, C, REXX, JAVA.

easycash, Ratingen

Payment system network carrier, belongs to GZS.

Implementation of a software on the HP NonStop plattform to route credit card transactions to the various clearing centers in real time.

Proof of concept for a JAVA based client server system for data entry.

Plattforms: HP NonStop, X.25, TCP/IP, COBOL85, C, SQL, JAVA.

Miele AG, Gütersloh

Appliance manufacturer

Pilot customer for Janus/RSC and Janus/IBM for linking SAP R/3 to HP NonStop systems or IBM CICS.

Plattforms: SAP R/3, HP NonStop, Pathway, CICS, Unix.

Busch-Jaeger-Elektro, Lüdenscheid

Electricity installation parts manufacturer

Pilot customer for Janus/IDOC for linking SAP R/3 to HP NonStop SQL/MP via ALE.

Plattforms: SAP R/3, HP NonStop, Unix, C, SQL, ALE, tRFC.

Audi AG, Ingolstadt

Car manufacturer

Customer for Janus/IDOC. Implementation of the SAP R/3 release 4.x ALE extensions.

Plattforms: SAP R/3 4.6, HP NonStop, Unix, C, SQL, ALE, tRFC.

Delphi Packard, Neumarkt

Automotive industries supplier

Design and implementation of a production control system.

Plattforms: HP NonStop, Windows NT, C, Delphi.

Ferrero, Frankfurt

Food manufacturer

Design and implementation of the communication software to link several hundred KABA Benzing terminals to an HP NonStop system via TCP/IP.

Design and implementation of a Java application to connect barcode readers to a wab application server. It serves to collect, store and route production data to SAP R/3 and the legacy HP NonStop Pathway application.

Plattforms: HP NonStop, Windows, Apache Tomcat, Kaba Benzing, Datalogic, Lantronix, C, Java, SQL.

Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt


Redesign of the communication software between the IBM-Host und the existing HP NonStop online banking system.

Plattforms: HP NonStop, C.

VeriFone, Wiesbaden

Manufacturer of POS terminals

Development of the module "GeldKarte 3.0" for the terminal line OMNI 2250 and OMNI 3350. The software has been certified by the ZKA.

Plattforms: VeriFone Terminals, C/C++, SDS Tools on Windows.

bank verlag, Cologne

Service provider for banks

Analysis for the migration of an existing Pathway BTX application to Java applicationserver technology. The project has ben completed with help of the product Janus/JAVA.

Plattforms: HP NonStop, Java (EJB.)

First Data Germany, Bad Vilbel

Credit card transaction processor

Member of the team for the design and implementation of an application server based access to the existing inhouse Pathway application. Customer for Janus/JAVA and Remote SQL.

Plattforms: HP NonStop, AIX, Windows,  Apache Tomcat, IBM WebShere, Java (JSP, Servlets, EJB), HTML, JavaScript, C.

ValiData GmbH, Bad Homburg

Software house, SAP partner

Work on the concept and implementation of a sales cockpitbased on  SAP Business Intelligence software.

Plattforms: SAP Netweaver 2004s, BI, ABAP, BSP