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The products mentioned here are mostly dealing with communication between different computer systems.

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Various Projects, mostly freeware.


Janus is a suite of communication software modules designed for message based interaction. Each implementation is a gateway process dealing with the transformation between different standards and APIs. The customer is provided with APIs in C und ABAP/4.

Janus/IDOC implements a bidirectional connection between a Compaq/Tandem NonStop SQL/MP database and SAP R/3 via ALE, not requiring any programming on the SAP side.

Plattforms: SAP R/3, HP NonStop, Unix, Windows, OS/2.

Customers: Miele, Benteler, Siemens Business Services, Papierfabrik Albbruck, Busch-Jaeger, Audi, tegut...

for C and Java development

The transport functionality built into Janus/TCP to access HP NonStop Pathway is available as a C library, Windows-DLL oder Java class library. The Java implementation is especially suited for the integration into Java application server environments.

Customers: First Data, bank verlag, John Deere, tegut..., TyssenKrupp

Remote SQL
Remote Enscribe

Workstation based access to databases on Compaq/Tandem NonStop servers. The Customer gets a C/C++-API for transparent access to files and tables on the NonStop host.

Both products are available as a Java class library, too:

An example application is DDL2HTML which converts a DDL dictionary into an HTML documentation. The Download is free. Here is what you get from converting the dictionary schema.


Remote SQL application for reading of HP NonStop SQL/MP tables into a spreadsheet or database.


Remote Enscribe application for reading of HP NonStop Enscribe files into a spreadsheet or database.

EDI Traffic Light Graphical remote monitoring of OS/2 EDI servers. The frontend, resembling a traffic light, is written in Java.

Plattforms: OS/2, REXX, C, Java

Customers: Merck, PharmLog.